Enjoying life with ABS ASSISTED LIVING


Abs Assisted Living Inc. is a Christian operated agency, offering support to individuals with developmental disabilities in the comfort of their own homes.
Our values are based on the premise of “doing unto others as you would want done unto you”.  The truth is that everyone will need care at some point in their life.  Our principle is that as caregivers, we will administer the best available care to your loved ones fully aware that our time will come when we in turn will need to be taken care of.  So putting ourselves into the shoes of those we take care of, we ask ourselves the following questions;

  • What kind of person would I want to take care of me?
  • Would I be treated with dignity?
  • Would my wishes be respected?
  • Would I be free to discuss my fears?

With over 10 years of developmental disability support experience, Abs Assisted living Inc. brings a wealth of individual centered care experience that is second to none.



- Assisting individuals with their health care needs / medications administering

- Assisting individuals with all their personal care and activities of daily living

- Assisting with house chores and maintaining a safe living environment

- Assisting with balanced meal preparation

- Assisting individuals in their desires for community related activities

- Assisting with transportation

- Assisting with financial literacy and proper record keeping of clients’ money

- Assisting with participation in appropriate programs of education, training, recreation and social development

- Assisting individuals with day to day decisions whilst being aware of religious, cultural and ethnic differences


Abs Assisted Living Inc. employs a staff of dedicated caregivers that is thoroughly screened and credentialed, a process that includes professional reference verification and extensive background investigation.  With ongoing skill  demonstration, competency exams and certifications, you can be guaranteed our clients/individuals are our number one priority.